Environmental Policy

Cedar House Investments is committed to minimising the impact upon the environment of our operations through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

We review our environmental policies and procedures regularly to improve their performance and quality. All employees are made aware of this policy and their responsibilities for environmental issues. Cedar House Investments recognises its responsibility towards its employees, the general public and the environment.

The company operates energy conservation policies which include:

  • Non critical equipment be switched off when not needed
  • Low energy electrical equipment will be the preferred purchase of choice
  • Co-ordinated travel arrangements to reduce vehicle use
  • Encouraging use of the rail network for non local meetings
  • Buildings designed with energy efficiency in mind
  • Site layouts and excavations designed to minimise exportation of excavated material to landfill sites
  • Use materials and products from sustainable sources and re-use wherever possible

To encourage suppliers and contractors to behave in a responsible manner and to maintain sound environmental practices.

Efficient and sustainable design giving a target BREEAM rating of very good/excellent

The design and specification of buildings will incorporate a number of measures of environmental importance, which we believe will become the “norm” in developments in the near future and are indicative of the Cedar House commitment towards innovative and sustainable development.

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